About Us

Introducing Mr. Pudge.

My first dog. He was with me through happy times, sad times, divorce, moves, starting a business, meeting a new love, getting married. He was my best friend. 

Pudge was also a handful. He was grumpy, pushy, hated the rain, and suffered from a myriad of health issues from the time I adopted him. He had skin allergies, stomach problems, and herniated disc in his neck.

Because of his health issues, he was on a limited diet all of our time together. I was very limited in terms of treats he could enjoy. He wasn't allowed anything with chicken or beef, and if you have ever tried to buy dog treats, you know that pretty much all of them have chicken or beef. 

Enter Tommy. My then-boyfriend, now-husband, who is a self-described badass in the kitchen. He was positive we could just MAKE treats for Pudge. I thought he was crazy, but turns out, he was right. 

We lost Pudge early in 2017, but his memory will live with us forever.